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Brief: Ballantine’s wanted to build an audience to support their sponsorship and commitment to golf. They wanted to develop a content strategy that would amplify their sponsorship, engage new markets and express the brand’s proposition, Stay True.

Our Response: We created a year long programme of global golf and lifestyle content with tiered strands designed to inspire and inform. From powerful untold stories of Ian Poulter and Paul McGinley in the Moments of Truth series to unique swing tips from top players in Shotmakers, the content is united by the Stay True message of having courage in yourself and working hard to be the best you can be.

Paul McGinley
Moment of Truth

Outcome: We needed to ensure that content on the platform was both entertaining and useful for the brand's audience, and so we produced a suite of over 25 films covering both golf and broader lifestyle areas. The content was integral in the successful launch of the Ballantine's Golf Club, but also achieved earned media coverage across Europe and Asia - key markets for the brand.

Ian Poulter
Moment of Truth

Off course portraits was a series of films focusing on the people and characters that surrounded the game of golf. It served as a different perspective on the game and gave an insight into golf that people may not have ever seen or thought about. The alternative interest and attention to detail delivered a fresh angle on the Ballantines brand message 'Stay True'.

Off Course Portraits

Shot Makers was a series created for the online golf club to give members tips on how to perfect their game. These tips came from the club captains Ian Poulter and Paul McGinley and also featured Poulters caddy Terry Mundy. These short sharp pieces of content were useful and evergreen films that Ballantines used to establish their authority on golf.

Shot Makers