Bicester Village


Style Without The Effort


Jonny & Jono






Brief: Bicester Village wanted to reach a male audience who were visiting the retail outlet, but weren’t purchasing. They needed to change this and show Bicester’s unique offer of accessible luxury. 

"It was a genre ripe for parody – and these guys have delivered" Esquire

Response: Finding a trend in the male world to portray an idealised, unattainable version of modern man that doesn’t speak to real people; we wanted to show that Bicester makes luxury accessible. Developing a light-hearted campaign featuring a try-hard fashionista, we subverted the stereotype to produce fun, stylish content which reflects Bicester’s position in the world of luxury fashion. 

Outcome: The campaign received widespread coverage across key male lifestyle publications, acclaimed for a unique and refreshing approach to fashion communications. Driving an increase in engagement, positive sentiment and footfall at Value Retail outlets.