The Launch


Jonny & Jono






Brief: Online fashion destination and store oki-ni approached us to help create an attention-grabbing film to celebrate the launch of their new website. We were challenged to come up with a one-minute film that reflected the high-tech values and aspirations of the brand.

'One of the more inventive viral tactics in recent memory' Hypebeast

Our Response: Celebrating the relaunch of the website with a literal launch of our own - Fastening a range of the new product to the biggest weather balloons we could find, we sent the various items on a 20-mile journey skyward with cameras capturing the whole journey. Creating a martian like environment helped convey a sense of other worldliness, that communicated the high-tech aesthetic of the brand.

Outcome: Covered by style blogs around the world and shared among oki-ni’s target audiences, the film created a huge buzz around the site launch and was used as the leading piece of content on the homepage.