Coldplay: Moji Launch


JSF Collective






Brief: Skype wanted to tell the story of how they developed a new collection of Skype Moji’s with Coldplay based around the 2016 album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’.

Response: We set out to understand the creative process behind the collaboration, working closely with the creative team to develop a narrative that both explained the meaning behind the Moji’s, but also got the audience excited about getting their hands on this new series. We got a music specialist crew on board and flew out to meet Coldplay on their world tour, spending time with the band and Skype we could really get under the skin of the inspiration behind the Moji’s.

Outcome: Using Black Cab Session’s experience our crew were all specialists in music, working quickly we delivered the campaign in a matter of days after the shoot. Resulting in a film campaign that lived on Skype’s website and YouTube along with specific assets for social media that were pushed out on Coldplay’s channels.